Damesfontein – Child and Youth  Care Centre

This Project is in the process of formation The upgrading of the infrastructure is nearing completion, that is the buildings and facilities adapted for the disabled; the electrics, the water, sewerage, security, etc.


One of two newly sunk boreholes – pumps on orderdamesfonteinOld water tanks damesfontein

New septic tank for the school and new CentredamesfonteinSome of the DYCCC CommitteedamesfonteinNew water tanks – giving clean water at higher pressure

damesfontein damesfontein
 Old Toilet  NewToilet


Typical bedroomdamesfonteinGrowing spinachdamesfonteinThe beautiful chapel on sitedamesfonteindamesfonteinFr Gerald – pointing towards the new vegetable garden site


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This Project is Still in Formation

Contact Person – Mrs Maria Gallino

cell phone: – 08255 386 53

email: mariagalino@gmail.com